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Back in 1987, Kimberley Colbeck and her two siblings wrote letters and hid them in the walls of their house.

Kimberley was just three years old, while brother Andrew was 12 and Christopher was eight.

Now, more than 30 years later, she has been reunited with the notes after builders who were renovating the house found them where they had been hidden decades ago.

Kimberley, 36, found out about the discovery at their old home in on Tranfield Close, Guiseley, Leeds, after she saw a post on Facebook.

She said: ‘I cried when I first saw the note.

‘My older brother Andrew sadly passed away two years ago. It was really emotional to see his writing.’

Kim’s late uncle was fitting a new kitchen when the two brothers and sister banded together to squeeze notes behind the tiles on the walls – one of them in a small glass bottle used as a time capsule.

They wrote their names, ages and the date it was at the time.

‘Today is it Valentines Day. Yes. 14/2/89,’ another message written by Andrew read.

The family lived in the house until 2013, and Kim now lives in Castleford.

She has now arranged to meet with Darren Moon, the joiner who made the discoverey, to retrieve the notes.

She added: ‘I was talking to my cousin about it and that house holds such big memories of when we were younger.

‘That house was a massive part of my life.

‘Hopefully, I can show my dad, who actually placed the notes for us when we were kids. He is currently suffering from dementia.

‘It would be nice to nice to see if he recognises it.

‘At the beginning of the lockdown my dad contracted coronavirus, we had a full week of end of life discussions.

‘He pulled through, I went to the hospital and he was dancing with the nurses, and he is now back at the home. We haven’t seen him since early March.’

The discovery has even inspired mum Kim to create something similar for her own child.

She said: ‘I’m so pleased I can get something from my childhood and I’m now thinking of creating a time capsule with my own daughter.’